Anonymous: Is the most wanted list up to date?


posted on July 21st
Anonymous: You guys are awesome! And I can't believe you've been around since 2011!

Thank you so much! As someone who has been here since 2011, I can say that it has been incredible.

Mod Amy

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Joe Correa is {age up to player} years old and {sexuality up to player}. He is a Dance major. He dorms with tba. He is the humanized version of Jose Carioca from the Disney film, The Three Caballeros . He is currently available.


Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Joe Correa has a strong sense of pride for his home country. Though his father, an international businessman, made Joe and his family leave Brazil when Joe was only thirteen, he will always identify as Brazilian. The reason is how simply amazing Brazil was in the eyes of Joe. The food, the soccer and especially the music all helped the boy fall in love with every aspect of his surrounding. However, it wasn’t until his family had moved to Mexico that he truly appreciated the culture of dancing not only in his home but in every country. One day, Joe’s father told him that he was having a partner from the United States visit and that Joe needed to keep the businessman’s son occupied. When the man and his son arrived Joe finally met the boy he planned on bring to a dance class in town, a brunette by the name of Donny Brooke. He found Donnie to be amusing as his temper was an easy target for poking fun at. During the class, the instructor Pablo Garay amazed Joe with his dancing ability. While Donny didn’t really get into it Joe felt inspired to come back and sign up for regular classes while learning under Pablo. When Joe heard that Pablo took a job at WDC the boy followed still feeling he had much to learn.

Suave and flirtatious Joe knows how to charm anyone, be it female or male, he doesn’t really care. As expected from a socialites son, Joe is also very poised and knows how to articulate himself no matter the social setting. For both of those reasons Joe loves to party; dancing, drinking and drugging himself are things he much rather do than going to the library and studying. What he lacks in booksmarts he makes up for in street smarts, being cunning, resourceful and confident to stand up for what he believes in.   


  • DONNY BROOKE- Family-friends.
  • PABLO GARAY- Dance instructor and close friend.


  • Francisco Lachowski

*this bio was written by Sam.

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   Jane Porter is {age up to player} and {sexuality up to player}. She is a {major up to player} major. She dorms with tba. She is the humanized version of Jane from the Disney movie Tarzan. She is currently available


Jane’s parents divorced very shortly after she was born. Her mother had no interest in raising a child, and her father was too busy with his research and travels, so she spent the first few years of her life with a variety of nannies. Once she was old enough, she was sent to boarding school, the same one in the British countryside that her mother had gone to. Jane hated it there; she wanted to travel with her father and see new things. Her curiosity began getting her in trouble at school, where she questioned everything and everyone, including her teachers.

When she was sixteen, Jane’s father returned from one of his trips. He agreed to take her on his next expedition, and Jane spent the next six months in Kenya, building wells for orphanages. Those six moths were the happiest of her life. She decided that she wanted to spend the rest of her life traveling and helping others; her dream is to work for the UN. Her father had other plans. He made her promise to at least try out college, so now Jane is in Florida, and she can’t wait to go back to her travels.




  • Troian Bellisario
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Anonymous: If we want to do an OC and the character in the film already has a normal name do we need to make up a new name? Like Wendy Darling would still be Wendy darling or can we change it?

I think it really depends on the character/name.

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Anonymous: You are all wonderful, this rp is flawless and the mods are beautiful sweethearts who work so hard. I'm so proud of being able to be a part of this fantastic group.
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Anonymous: when are the mods actually going to do something for this rp?

I wasn’t going to reply to this message, but I have to say that I am sincerely sorry that you feel this way, however this was very disrespectful. Everyone of us puts plenty of hard work into this group so, honestly, I find this to be incredibly insulting. If you honestly feel that we are doing absolutely nothing for the group, sending a negative anonymous message is not something that will help in fixing the issue.

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