Tamara Callan is is { age up to player } years old and { sexuality up to player }. She teaches Mechanical Enginnering. She lives off campus. She is the humanized version of Sergeant Tamora Calhoun from the Disney film Wreck-It Ralph. She is currently available.


Ever since she was a little girl, Tamara Callan has wanted to be a part of the army. She doesn’t come from a military family nor has been around anyone with a military background. But it has been a dream of hers to serve her country in the best she thought possible. Her father fully supported her dream while her mother forced her into trying to be a beauty pageant queen. This dream disappeared as Tamara got older, her rebelling at every attempt finally made her family give in to her ideas. When she hit eighteen years old, she signed up for the army immediately. Tamara went through training before getting orders to go to Iraq, excited to do her country proud. There she did the unexpected. She fell in love with a fellow soldier. However, before they could truly have a happy life together, he passed away from a tragic event. Devastated, Tamara return to the states a colder woman than before, refusing to love again.

While she was in the army she got her degree in Mechanical Engineering and became quite skilled in her field. Her work quickly got the attention of many though the offer from a college in Florida was the most unexpected. Deciding that she wanted a change of pace she accepted the job as the Mechanical Engineering teacher. Tamara knows that she can whip the students into shape and make them the best of the best. She has no tolerance for stragglers and will leave them behind if it is necessary.




  • Jane Lynch
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